Healthcare Staffing Reimagined.

We believe in empowering nursing professionals to create their own ideal work schedule,
allowing them to achieve better work-life balance and avoid burnout.

About Worq Health

Worq Health is a marketplace platform that connects healthcare facilities with nursing professionals in an easy and efficient way. We believe in empowering nurses to take control of their schedules, while helping facilities simplify staffing and improve patient outcomes.

We’ve built technology that eliminates the healthcare staffing system of the past, replacing it with a simple and modern platform. Our in-house proprietary matching algorithm eliminates redundant conversations and procedures between healthcare professionals, facilities, and multiple agents- providing our professionals and partners a more swift and streamlined process overall.

Our Story

Being at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic, many nurses have and are still experiencing growing fatigue and burnout. At Worq Health, we strongly believe that there is a better way for nurses to do the work they love. Gig-work, also known as locuming, has been present in the healthcare industry for decades. However, there has not been significant evolution in the healthcare staffing process, which remains highly manual.

Having personally experienced the changes brought about by technological innovation in the on-demand economy especially over the recent years, our team at Worq Health is on a mission to digitise healthcare staffing and connect nurses with rewarding opportunities.

Worq Health is founded by tech executives in Singapore who have helped build and scale marketplace products on a global level at leading tech companies such as Uber, Gojek, Yahoo, and Alibaba.

Our Mission

Worq Health aims to empower nursing professionals to create their own ideal work schedule to achieve better work-life balance and avoid burnout- allowing them to focus on doing what they love, both in and out of work.

We also strive to enable healthcare facilities with the tools to scale their workforce based on patient demands. Easy and direct access to flexible healthcare professionals allow our partners to efficiently and economically manage their staffing gaps without any additional hassles or hurdles.