Full Time

Assistant Nurse Clinician

Assistant Nurse Clinician
Job ID:
  • Reviews patients periodically to assess their progress and to ensure that high quality care has been provided and to ascertain patients’ needs for additional care / services
  • Provides supervisory consultation and support to her staff
  • Attends meeting and participates in committees as assigned
  • Audits staff regularly to keep track of key performance indicators (KPIs) of the department and ensure conformity. To help with review KPIs periodically and if necessary to set new KPIs to improve nursing standards.
  • Assist in managing the ward roster ensuring that there is an adequate staff on duty at all times.
  • Takes corrective and preventive actions where necessary to eliminate or minimize the cause of existing or potential critical quality problems identified.
  • Audits patients’ case notes and nursing documentation to ensure that records are up to date and in line with the legal requirements for documentation.
  • Implements and monitors infection control practices and procedures and ensures that the staff understands and follows these policies and procedures strictly.
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