Full Time

Staff Nurse (Women's Clinic)

Registered Nurse
Job ID:

· Undertake nursing duties (i.e. phlebotomy, subcutaneous/intramuscular injections, simple wound dressings)

· Perform basic triage, provide medical care and patient counselling

· Responsible for medication dispensing

· Manage patient case notes, including maintenance of a current and accurate filing system, prepare new case notes, retrieve and file back case notes.

· Chaperone doctor, prepare patients for examination as needed

· Perform administrative duties including patient registration, payments, booking of appointments, financial counselling, stock-taking and managing insurance claims.

· Ensure availability and operation of the necessary equipment (e.g. NETS/credit card, etc), supplies (e.g. medication, masks, stationery), and systems.

· Ensure a high standard of medical care and service delivery are provided and maintained.

Astra Women’s Specialists